Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Brief : Two

Print : Create a front page and two inside pages of a magazine that attract my target audience of female teenagers and young adults. My front page is going to include the presenter of the new lifestyle show and inside their will be an interview with the presenter and the other page will be how to wear bright colours.

E-Media : Create a magazine website to go with my magazine, I will create a main page and two inner pages. The two inner pages will be a page on current fashion trends of my topic of old school fashion and a page on current celebrity style icons.

Genre : Lifestyle
Sub-Genre : Fashion

Audience and how they will be targeted :

My audience is teenage girls and young adult women. This age group want to be on trend with what they wear and how they look therefore I will target them by making my magazine and E-Media on current fashion and inform them of on trend fashion. On the front cover of my magazine will be an image of the presenter of the lifestyle show and inside will be an interview with the female style icon so I need to make her someone who my audience can relate to an look up to. To do this I will need to chose a well respected female who is young and has a good knowledge of fashion. She will also need to dress appropriate and on trend, she will need to wear the current fashion so my target audience trust her opinion of fashion and know she is stylish.

Institution :

The company I am producing for is Synopticity Productions who have just had a recent success with a cooking programme.They want to develop programmes in alternative lifestyle topics therefore I have been asked to create my own lifestyle idea and I chose Fashion as that is something most people are intrested in and It will create a lot of intrest and popularity for the company.

Influences :

The influences for my magazine and online magine are other well known fashion magazines such as Vogue and ELLE magazine. They are very popular and are well respected magazines, lots of people read these and they are known for always inluding current trends within the fashion industry and having popular and well loved fashion icons on their front cover. They always have an exclusive interview with the famous fashion icon on their front cover which shows theyre a powerful magazine company. I want my magazine to be well loved and respected and to be the magazine everyone is reading because the people on the cover are popular and because the content is what people are looking for.

Fonts/Layout/Navigation/Interactivity :

Font :
I have used the word fashion as an example word, this is not the title of my magazine.

These are the fonts I have chosen as an idea as to what I want.

I researched these fonts and I have now chosen one from the selected I researched. This is the title of my magazine as my magazine topic is 90's fashion and this type of fashion is referred to as 'old school fashion'

This is the font I have chosen because It is used as a stereotypical school or college font which attracts my young target audience. It is youthful and modern which also appeals to my young target audience and this will let parents know my magazine is suitable for their children to read.

Layout :

I need a simple layout that gets a message across without a complication so that is isn't a task for my audience to read and lots of time isn't taken to read or browse. This will make more people read my magazine and online media if It isn't too complicated and time consuming, my layout will be the first impression my audience get as its the first thing most people notice and if it looks easy to read they will be more likely to read it. My layout will include images and text to go with it but not large amounts of text as young people have school or college work to focus on and don't have the time to read large amounts of text. The images will make it less daunting and add a visual to the text. For my double page spread will include a dominate image on one of the pages so the readers are immediately informed who the interview is with.
The layout of my webpage needs to be clear and easy for people to navigate around. My header will be across the top because that is where all of the information and page links will be therefore it is the most important so it needs to be on the top. I will use text as the page links as pictures will make it too complicated.

Navigation :

My E-Media text will need this for my web page to be interactive. To get from page to page my website will need navigation that is quick and simple so people are not waiting for the next page to be seen as they might become bored and leave the website. I will use page links and hyperlinks for my audience to move from page to page.

Interactivity :

I will include a comment section on the webpage so my readers can interact with each other and a  loyal fan base could then be created for my magazine and webpage but also for the company I am making this content for. I will also include social media links such as twitter and Facebook as they are the most used social media websites and another online community could be formed for my content. My magazine and website will be spread around the internet and a lot of people will become aware of them if they're being talking about online as the internet is used a lot. I will also use hyperlinks to show products in more detail and so my audience can explore fashion.

Genetic Conventions :

I will use page links, hyperlinks and a navigation bar on my webpage and I will use images with text and maybe moving images on each page and the home page.
My magazine front cover will include a masthead, main image, headline and sub headings. It will be the usual magazine front cover. My double page spread will include a dominate image, columns of text with drop caps and I may add a pull - quote.

Costume/Mise En Scene :

A female style icon will be interviewed for my magazine double page spread and she will need to be dressed in something fashionable and suitable for my target audience. She will need to by styled and her hair and makeup will need to look professional so she is attractive to the audience and looks like she could be a role model. Her body language will need to be positive and happy to create a positive image for my magazine and so people feel as though they will feel happy if they read my magazine. Also she needs to look happy so she looks friendly and people will feel comfortable reading about her and will want to read the magazine because she looks like a nice person. The setting and decor in the main image will be fresh and colourful to generate happiness and youth and will fit into the presenters happy and youthful image. The dominant image on the double page spread will have a plain background so the presenter is the main focus of the picture and there is no distraction from her. Her clothes will be unique and inspired by the 90's fashion trends.

Image/Lighting (Moving Image/ Still) :

The lighting of the images on my magazine and website will be bright and radiant so happiness is again created and the light represents sunshine and when people think of the sun they link happy with the idea. I may include moving images on my webpage so that the items of my clothing can be seen on a walking model and to add something different to a still website.

Use of sound :

I could include sound on my webpage such as sound effects when the page links are clicked on and music.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Font Research

These magazine titles are from well known fashion and beauty magazines and they all have an online website. Their fonts are very simple yet unique and from this people recognize the font as that magazines trade mark which my magazine font needs to do so people become familiar with it. The font is very bold which shows the magazine is strong above the rest and this is the one you should read over all of the others, I need my magazine to be picked from the shelf over the rest so my font needs to be bold to stand out. The colour of ELLE's magazines font is black which shows seriousness and shows the magazine is professional which tells the audience the content of the magazine is high end and is on trend fashion from high end designers.
The colour of COMPANY's font is pink which shows a fun and girly side to magazines but the font is very statement and is a sophisticated style which shows it is not for children and that it is a young adult and adults fashion magazine but it is not all high end it includes high street fashion trends and you don't have to be rich to look good. This magazine targets all girls with any amount of money.

All of the fonts are simple and classic therefore my magazine font needs to be simple but unique enough to stand out from the rest and it needs to be professional and classy so that people feel good reading my magazine.

Font 1:


This font is feminine yet still bold enough to stand out. The curves of the letters symbolizes a woman's feminine silhouette and therefore women will know this is the magazines for them as it is targeted at women. The font is very professional because there is no outrageous shapes created the curves are pleasing to the eye and represent the feminine figure.

Font 2:


This font is more similar to the actual magazine font I have researched as in the letters are very simple and the end of the letters are defined by being thicker. This is a more modern font.

Font 3:


This font is much more youthful and modern and looks like an font used in schools which represents my teenage target audience. I think this font would be a new image to fashion magazines as it is very different to the rest of the typical fonts used. It still carries a sense of class and looks professional but in a youthful and fresh way.

Font 4:


This font is another modern one and I think this represents the quirky side of fashion with the slanted letters but also represents a 'normal' sense of fashion with the straight letters. The slanted letter would make it stand out and the straight letter give of a sense of that the magazine is professional and on trend fashion but it includes something unique, shown but the slanted letter.