Thursday, 2 January 2014

Font Research

These magazine titles are from well known fashion and beauty magazines and they all have an online website. Their fonts are very simple yet unique and from this people recognize the font as that magazines trade mark which my magazine font needs to do so people become familiar with it. The font is very bold which shows the magazine is strong above the rest and this is the one you should read over all of the others, I need my magazine to be picked from the shelf over the rest so my font needs to be bold to stand out. The colour of ELLE's magazines font is black which shows seriousness and shows the magazine is professional which tells the audience the content of the magazine is high end and is on trend fashion from high end designers.
The colour of COMPANY's font is pink which shows a fun and girly side to magazines but the font is very statement and is a sophisticated style which shows it is not for children and that it is a young adult and adults fashion magazine but it is not all high end it includes high street fashion trends and you don't have to be rich to look good. This magazine targets all girls with any amount of money.

All of the fonts are simple and classic therefore my magazine font needs to be simple but unique enough to stand out from the rest and it needs to be professional and classy so that people feel good reading my magazine.

Font 1:

This font is feminine yet still bold enough to stand out. The curves of the letters symbolizes a woman's feminine silhouette and therefore women will know this is the magazines for them as it is targeted at women. The font is very professional because there is no outrageous shapes created the curves are pleasing to the eye and represent the feminine figure.

Font 2:

This font is more similar to the actual magazine font I have researched as in the letters are very simple and the end of the letters are defined by being thicker. This is a more modern font.

Font 3:

This font is much more youthful and modern and looks like an font used in schools which represents my teenage target audience. I think this font would be a new image to fashion magazines as it is very different to the rest of the typical fonts used. It still carries a sense of class and looks professional but in a youthful and fresh way.

Font 4:

This font is another modern one and I think this represents the quirky side of fashion with the slanted letters but also represents a 'normal' sense of fashion with the straight letters. The slanted letter would make it stand out and the straight letter give of a sense of that the magazine is professional and on trend fashion but it includes something unique, shown but the slanted letter.

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