Friday, 13 December 2013

Magazine Front Cover Research

Masthead -
The font of the masthead is very simple yet eye catching because of the thick bold lines. The masthead follows the colour scheme of the whole magazine front cover, the colour of the masthead is white which represents purity which shows the magazine is respectable. It is position at the top of the front cover which is where peoples eyes are naturally drawn to, therefore this is what people will see first and the masthead can inform people immediately of what type of magazine it is. Vogue means trend and style in french which if people know this they will know the magazines main focus will be fashion and what is on trend right now, so this will encourage lovers of fashion to read this magazine.

Cover Image -
The cover image is Cara Delevingne who is currently in the media all of the time, she is the main focus of everybodys eyes. If a well known and well loved person is used for the cover image a wide range of people will read the magazine if they have an already existing fan base. Cara is looking directly at the camera which engages with the audience as its almost as if they are looking at them tempting them to read the magazine. It is a mid shot with the facial expression of a chocolate box, her mouth is slightly open and there is an emphasis on her flawless face and body which links with the writing about Cara to the right of her face which is 'Model of the year' because models are known as flawless and beautiful.

Lead Story -
The lead story is in a larger sized font which dominates the rest of the text on the front cover which attracts the audience in if they like what the lead story says, in this case it is about Cara Delevinge who is the cover image so therefore people will expect a lead story about her as she is being used as the main focus of the magazine. The lead story is in the same font and colour as the rest of the text. The lifestyle topic of fashion is made clear by the use of a model because models are used to showcase fashion and are surrounded by it.

Secondary Lead -
The secondary lead is 'spring fashion special' which also shows the lifestyle topic is fashion and it links with the masthead and cover image as models take park in fashion shows that use seasons as a topic for their style of fashion.

Additional Lines -
'Red carpet style guide' and 'what does your handbag say about you' also refer to fashion which shows the lifestyle topic of the magazine is fashion. They also follow the colour scheme of the magazine front cover which makes it look professional.

Colour Scheme -
The colour scheme of the magazine front cover is red, white and blue and the main image also includes pops of red and white. The colours are also in the UK flag which represents Cara being a well known model who is British. The colours are vibrant and confident which colour represent Cara as a model or the current spring fashion trend. Also if the colours are bright on the front cover they stand out from the other magazines and could therefore have a better chance of being bought over other magazines on the shelf.

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