Friday, 13 December 2013

e - Media Research

I need to create three pages of a website, to demonstrate a promotional strategy for Synopticity Productions' programme and to do this I need to involve the audience. To involve the audience I will include a forum so people can post their own images of their fashion taste and other people can comment on the pictures and from this an online community will be formed. I will also support sponsorship and use fashion companies such as H&M and Topshop to advertise their clothes and from this my company will gain money.

This is an example of product placement on Elle magazine. This is an online version of a fashion magazine using product placement. They will be paid for picking these items as their top items and this will benefit the company's that sell the items because more people will buy the items and elle will get money for advertising them.

I have researched blogs where the bloggers have been sent products to review.

This blog is by Zoella who is a popular blogger as well as being a well loved youtuber. She is young and interested in fashion and beauty and is an idol and inspiration for young people. Her blog is

Zoe got to visit a launch of a new makeup range from the brand Illamasqua and she has been allowed to chose some items to review on her blog. She has been given this makeup for free, she benefits from this as she got given free high end makeup and by Zoella being a popular blog a lot of people who are interested in makeup will see the products and want to buy them as this is a positive review.
The blog also has adverts around the blog post which are beauty related as the company advertising the products knows the blogs audience is interested in beauty, Zoe (who runs the blog) will be paid for letting the company advertise their products on her blog.

The content of this blog is beauty and fashion, which is the topic of lifestyle my programme will be. I have researched this genre of blog so I can see how they are managed and what products are shown and talked about, all of the products will be current and popular therefore I can find out what my target audience are currently loving and I can produce similar content to cater for them myself.

The design of this blog is very feminine which shows the target audience is girls, and the owner of the blog is female therefore the girls who read the blog can look up to her and relate to her. The blog also includes a lot of pictures to go with the text so that it isn't as daunting to people and people wont think it is boring and too much for them to sit down and read. The pictures are of the products talked about in the text which helps the audience put a face to a name and get to know the product better and from the images they get to explore how they look and recognize them so they can go out a buy the products if they like them.

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